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Spring or gasram based rifles and pistols

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Baikal MP514K New

Baikal MP514K

Bullpup design of a spring loaded, magazine supported airgun. Cal. .177Energy level: approx. 5 ..

Ex Tax: €239.00

BSA Supersport Mk 1 in .177

BSA Supersport Mk 1 in .177..

Ex Tax: €325.00

Diana Chaser CO-2 pistol

Diana Chaser CO-2 pistol..

Ex Tax: €69.42

Diana Chaser Rifle set

That is nice!A CO2 pistol and all that is needed to convert it into a CO2 rifle!Includes: Pisto..

Ex Tax: €114.88
Diana Oktoberfestgewehr 4,4mm Reservation

Diana Oktoberfestgewehr 4,4mm

The old-fashioned kermesse air rifle...With tubular magazine for 100 ballsCalibre: 4,4mm ball.Use ON..

Ex Tax: €156.20

Gamo Compact SSP 4,5mm

Single Stroke Pneumatic !!! iar pistol in .177How it works: unlock the barrel cover, pivot it upward..

Ex Tax: €173.55
Haenel 49a Sport Springers/CO2 Delivery Unknown

Haenel 49a Sport

 A genuine one !Cal. 4,4mm round ball (plated lead only).Stock: 90%Technical: 90%Metal: 50%; so..

Ex Tax: €225.00
HW80 Delivery Unknown


Used, and in MINT condition Cal.: .177..

Ex Tax: €206.61

KSS air rifle .22 gas strut

We carefully selected this clone of a Weiraugh model 97 for its quality and accuracy. With gas ..

Ex Tax: €152.89
Weiraugh HW80 .177 Delivery Unknown

Weiraugh HW80 .177

USED ????Immaculate HW80...

Ex Tax: €206.61

Whiscombe JW80 .177 and .22

The real one!With 4 springs, 2 plunjers, 1 TP and 32J absolutely recoilless!!The JW80 is the most po..

Ex Tax: €5,400.00

Crosman 2240 CO2 pistol

Simple, effortless shooting by using CO2 powerlets. (12 gram). Cal. .22..

Ex Tax: €78.51

Springer air pistol .22

Simple but good quality spinger air pistol. Cal. .22..

Ex Tax: €39.26

Artemis CP1

 A simple yet easy-to-shoot plink gun in .22Powered by a standard 12 g CO2 cartridge (approx. 3..

Ex Tax: €65.29
Baikal  651K  Springers/CO2 Reservation

Baikal 651K

Baikal CO2 pistol Kaliber: 4,5 mm diabolo of 4,5mm rondkogelMet magaziojn (8 scots) voor diabol..

Ex Tax: €109.09
CO2 powerlets 1 week

CO2 powerlets

12 gram standard CO2 powerlets for many air pistols and air rifles,l ike Artemis, Spa, Crosman, etc...

Ex Tax: €4.96

Spa Artemis with reddot

The wellknown Artemis CO-2 pistoil with a reddot holosight. The adapterplate is made in our hou..

Ex Tax: €106.61

Spa Artemis with silencer

The wellknown Artemis CO-2 pistoil with  a very short  silencerThe front sight is adapted&..

Ex Tax: €106.61

Spa Artemis with silencer and reddot

The wellknown Artemis CO-2 pistoil with a reddot holosight and a very short  silencerThe adapte..

Ex Tax: €136.36
Gamo G Magnum Jungle 1 week

Gamo G Magnum Jungle

Zeer krachtige knikloop veerbuks. Energie: 45JKolf: kunststof Incl. richtkijker en mounts&..

Ex Tax: €239.00
Gamo Bone Collector Hunter IGT 1 week

Gamo Bone Collector Hunter IGT

Powerfull air rifle with gas strut. A gas strut makes the rifle fire with less internal rotational&n..

Ex Tax: €231.40