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Rimfire rifles and handguns

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Chiappa 1911-22 Rimfire Delivery Unknown

Chiappa 1911-22

The rimfire version of a 1911.Cal. .22lrBarrel: 5" Adjustable fiber rear sight  There..

Ex Tax: €280.16
Grand Power X Trim .22lr Delivery Unknown

Grand Power X Trim .22lr

A special small caliber pistol of a special brand ....From our own import !!!Length: 187mmLoop: 127 ..

Ex Tax: €657.02
Hämmerli 280 in .22lr Rimfire Delivery Unknown

Hämmerli 280 in .22lr

Hämmerli 280 in .22lr..

Ex Tax: €375.00

ISSC .22lr

ISSC .22lr..

Ex Tax: €433.88

Ruger Single Six revolver .22lr MET wisselcylinder .22WMR

In very good condition popular small caliber revolver with equal numbered change cylinder in .22wmr...

Ex Tax: €227.27

Sig Sauer MOSQUITO .22lr carbon combo

A Mosquito in mint condition.Complete with assembly bridge and reddot holosight.The gun is dipped in..

Ex Tax: €326.45
Sig Sauer P226S X5 in 9x19mm EXPECTED !! Reservation

Sig Sauer P226S X5 in 9x19mm EXPECTED !!

Really like new!A real "Sig" 226 in 9 x 19 mm and 5 "barrel.Comes in original case with 2 magazines...

Ex Tax: €0.00

Walther GSP .32 & .22lr

Walther GSP .32 & .22lr..

Ex Tax: €648.76

Laser bore sighter cartridge .22rf

Laser bore sighter cartridge .22rf..

Ex Tax: €38.84

Browning Buckmark Long Rifle

Browning Buckmark Long Rifle..

Ex Tax: €155.00

Browning Medalist

USED And rather rare. They were manufactured from 1964 to 1972.Shoots excellently!Collecto..

Ex Tax: €465.00

DES 69

USEDIn good conditionCal.: .22lrBarrel: 6" There are restrictions; license and import consent r..

Ex Tax: €95.00
DES 69 Delivery Unknown

DES 69

USEDIn good conditionCal.: .22lrBarrel: 6" Incl.: 2 barrelweigthsThere are restrictions; licens..

Ex Tax: €95.00

Alfa Knall

Zware en zeer stabiele uitvoering. Veel gebruikt voor hondentrainingen.Full-steel uitvoering me..

Ex Tax: €161.16