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AEA Terminator in .303

SEMI-AUTOMATIC and BIG BORE and VERY Powerfull !!!With front AND rear tank for 700 cc of air at 300 ..

€995.00 Ex Tax: €822.31

AEA ELement in .22

The ligthest air rifle in .22!!By using carbon and magnesium alloys this full sixe (LW barrel: 18")&..

€895.00 Ex Tax: €739.67

AEA HP Semi-Auto SS Pistol

SEMI-AUTOMATIC  (!)  PCP Pistol MODULAR SYSTEN enables you to quickly change barrelle..

€550.01 Ex Tax: €454.55

Crosman Armada Combo

That is an airgun!Combo includes 4-16x50 scope and bipod. ..

€1,050.00 Ex Tax: €867.77

Diana Bandit PCP Pistol

Delivered including the silencer and  1 multishot magazineFill pressure: 200 barIn nice pistol ..

€187.50 Ex Tax: €154.96

Gamo Coyote .25

Gamo Coyote .25 Made by BSA in Birmingham!Cal.: .258 shot magazineSilencer included !..

€535.00 Ex Tax: €442.15

Gamo Dynamax .22

Gamo Dynamax .22..

€465.00 Ex Tax: €384.30

Hatsan Bull Boss .22 Black

Used and in mint condition!Cal. .22Rotary magazine 10 shot..

€598.95 Ex Tax: €495.00
Huben  Refurbished  PCP New

Huben Refurbished

Huben Refurbished..

€749.99 Ex Tax: €619.83

Huben K1

Some new Huben K1's (NEWESYT GENERATION, serial number 2018) are still available. Due to reorga..

€1,725.00 Ex Tax: €1,425.62

Huben K1 in .25

NEW !  NEW !  NEW!The notorious Huben K1 hammerless PCP in the cal. .25.(Bit) more power a..

€1,815.00 Ex Tax: €1,500.00

JKHAN Krosa (bullpup) walnut in .22 regulated

The quality bullpup from Korea, now provided by KSS with the next generation Humareg..

€994.62 Ex Tax: €822.00

PTE 300

This is our own product!We either made the parts ourselves or used topclass products from top manuaf..

€3,850.00 Ex Tax: €3,181.82

Zbroja Hortitsia .22

Zbroja Hortitsia .22..

€713.90 Ex Tax: €590.00


NEW NEW NEW !!A proof of the Turkish state of the art in PCP air rifles!A nice and well build air ri..

€465.00 Ex Tax: €384.30

Great Pier

The first custom project from Kurvers Schietsport !!!!The Greate Pier is the result of a kind of c..

€4,100.00 Ex Tax: €3,388.43

Great Pier

The first custom project from Kurvers Schietsport !!!!The Greate Pier is the result of a kind of c..

€6,100.00 Ex Tax: €5,041.32

Hatsan Sortie

Hatsan Sortie..

€495.00 Ex Tax: €409.09

Hatsan Grizly .22

This is a model AT44 in a somewhat special looksCal .22Energy:  40 JMagazine:  12 roundsIn..

€395.00 Ex Tax: €326.45

Hatsan BullBoss .22

Used Condition-as-new. Cal. .22Incl: 2 magazines, fill probe, etc. ..

€495.00 Ex Tax: €409.09

JKhan Noblesse

Good quality from Corea!Available in the calibers .22, .25 and 9mmEnergy:  40 J (.22); 72 J (.2..

€845.00 Ex Tax: €698.35

JKhan Iluda 9mm

An extra powerfull 9mm JKhan with an extra large air tank. Cal.: 9mmMagazine:  YES; 8 roun..

€1,145.00 Ex Tax: €946.28

The oldest PCP????

The oldest PCP????..

€1,600.00 Ex Tax: €1,600.00