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autorotating target

Autorotating target with a Flobert cartridge (6mm) behind each hit zone. When you hit a hitzone..

Ex Tax: €72.31

Target holder and pellet catcher

For cards of 14x14cm or 17x17 cmFor airguns up to 30 J ..

Ex Tax: €11.98

Target stickers small

36 small 27mm dia fluor orange stikers on a sheet.Pack of 10 sheets...

Ex Tax: €3.72

Multi Target

Multiple target for airguns (up to 30 J).With cardholder 14x14cm and 4 swinging targets.On pin; ..

Ex Tax: €18.60

Target cards 14cm 4 fold

With 4 targets of 2"eachPack of 50 pc. ..

Ex Tax: €3.72

Target cards 14cm single

To be used in a 14x14cm pellet catcher. Pack of 50 pc. ..

Ex Tax: €3.72

Target sticker 75mm

Easy to use!Fluorescent orange target sticker.Diameter 75mm250 pc / roll ..

Ex Tax: €14.05

Walking Target Steel

Walking target. By aiming at the upper disc, the target walks one step further away in a rather..

Ex Tax: €22.73